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The singer-songwriter and former member of parliament for JxSí testified this Monday in the trial against Catalan pro-independence leaders. Llach started by expressing his disconformity with Vox, the far right party represents the popular acusation in the trial, “as a homosexual, pro-independence activist and aspiring citizen of the world”.

Llach explained the events on the 20-S demonstrations in front of the Economy Department headquarters, in Barcelona. He described it as an spontaneous gathering which “grew fast” and despite admitting that “people were angry” he insisted that the judicial authorities “were able to carry out the searches and that their security was granted at all times”.

Security granted for the judicial authorities

With regard to the exit of the judicial secretary, Llach explained that they looked for members of parliament so that she could leave concealed among the public. “We attempted to have the judicial secretary leave among the members of parliament so nothing should happen to her”, he stated.

“The Guardia Civil officers were respected at all times and they, in turn, were exemplary”, he said. Moreover, the leaders of the Catalan National Assembly, Jordi Sànchez and the president of Òmnium Cultural, Jordi Cuixart repeatedly called the protestors to “stay calm” and “act peacefully”.

“Climb the police cars”, he suggested

Regarding the cars of the Guardia Civil which were parked outside the Economy Department and which end up “seriously damaged”, according to the prosecutor, Llach said that he never saw any “acts of violence against the vehicles”, but that there was a “mass of journalists” on top of them and that “this weight could have damaged the car roofs.” According to Llach, the top of the cars “was objectively the best spot to see how the mobilisation unfolded” and thus “many journalists and photographers climbed onto them throughout the evening to get the best images of the protest”.

The anti-Francoist activist and icon of the ‘Nova cançó’ explained that, once the judicial authorities were gone, he was asked to intervene on account of his popularity to call off the mobilisation. A task which was not an easy one, he admitted. “I remember that, the first time Jordi Cuixart proposed it, he turned around and gave me a look faced with the booing and whistling from the crowd”, he said.

He regretted having suggested Sànchez and Cuixart to climb onto the cars “so that everyone could see and hear them”. He admitted feeling “deeply sorry” for recommending them to do so, given the consequences that this action lead to. “As a professional habit of mine, and I am terribly sorry about it, I said that the only place from which the call to demobilise could be effective would be from on top of the cars”, he admitted.

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