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Former Catalan minister for Territory, Josep Rull, and fomer
Government’s Spokesman, Jordi Turull are the last pro-independence leaders who have been granted permission to leave prison under article 100.2. Both will be working as law experts in their respective workplaces, in Terrassa, north of Barcelona. Rull will work at MútuaTerrassa, where he will deal with areas such as the circular economy, energy efficiency, and sustainability. Turull, as public law expert in Badia lawyer’s firm. Both were cheered and received by big crowds who were waiting for them and showed their support.

Former Catalan Minister for Territory, Josep Rull, at the entrance of Mútua de Terrassa

In all cases, the nine jailed leaders still have to spend every night and the weekends behind bars – except for the 36 days of full leave a year that they all have.

Spain’s prosecutor appeal, dismissed

Spain’s prosecutor had challenged the decision to allow the jailed leaders to enjoy regular temporary leave, although last week a penitentiary court dismissed the appeal in the case of the activist leader, Jordi Cuixart.

On Monday, the prosecutor’s appeal against the former Catalan labor and social affairs minister, Dolors Bassa, suffered the same fate. 

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