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What are the prisioners’ attitudes to violence?

The crime of rebellion requires violence, as established in Spanish criminal law. This is why the Spanish State, judiciary and media are attempting to present the Catalan 9 as violent.Yet the Catalan 9 are peaceful people; opponents of violence. They are not terrorists or extremists. They are not rabble-rousers or trouble-makers. The Catalan 9 are advocates of democracy, freedom, human rights and the rule of law.

For years, independentists in Catalonia have rallied in mass protests that have been exemplary. These demonstrations have always been peaceful, even festive occasions.

Jordi Cuixart said on 20th of September 2017, during the spontaneous demonstration that gathered thousands of people in front of the Catalan Ministry of Economy, after the Spanish police had entered to register it: “If you see someone acting in any violent way, or acting provocatively, trying to attack the security forces, do not allow it. Isolate them. Spot them and expose them. They are the enemies of the people. They want us to be violent and we are not violent. We are a peaceful people, a people of peace”.

Jordi Cuixart told the demonstrators:“Faced with this suspension of Catalonia’s autonomy, today we call on all of Catalonia’s citizens to mobilize and join the demonstration taking place on Gran Via with Rambla Catalunya. And to continue being an example of the Catalan people’s peaceful demands and serene protest”.

Jordi Sánchez said at the time of the September 20th demonstrations:“Today will likely be a long day. Please, we’d ask everybody to stay as calm as possible, to adopt an attitude of non-violence. They want to provoke us. We are going to show them we can defend this country’s institutions democratically.”

“The time has come for peaceful resistance. We know that some are trying to provoke us, but we ask you all, and we are sure that you will, to respond peacefully, with a carnation, a rose and a ballot paper,” Jordi Sánchez, 20th of September 2017.

Joaquim Forn, former Home Secretary, wrote in Escrits de Presó:“were we organised and prepared to exercise violence in accordance with our goal? The correct answer is: no. Simply, no. Everyone knows this in Catalonia; fact which has been admirable: violence has never played a part in the strategies of the Government [of Catalonia] or the [Catalan] social movements. Fortunately, violence has never been part of the pro-independence political logic.”

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